Full Disclosure: The Queens are a bit divided on our reception of Brooklyn.  In the interest of Oscar-induced Harmony, let’s take an objective look at this 1950s immigrant-tale starring the ever-so-perfect Saoirse Ronan (nominated for Best Actress in this role).

Brooklyn opens up on a young woman, Eilis Lacey, working in rural Ireland, living a boring life without opportunity.  The movie picks up once she decides to immigrate to the United States, with a comedically accurate portrayal of life on an Ellis Island bound ship (I had to cover my eyes during a few choice bathroom scenes).


Once in America, she meets a gorgeous Italian-American and begins her life as a young, hip, American (all in FLAWLESS period costumes) until she must return to Ireland for the summer.  Once there, she meets (an admittedly less gorgeous) Irish man, and the film takes off.

What  loved about Brooklyn was the subtlety of it.  On the surface, the film involves a less than original love triangle and some historical humour.  But, at its heart, Brooklyn is the story about leaving behind your old self and choosing adventure over familiarity.

Final Evaluation: Queen B loved Brooklyn, Queens M and K, not so much.  The love story was a bit distracting to its overall message, but the writing was phenomenal (who doesn’t love Nick Hornby?) and the acting was top-shelf.

Oscar Recommendations:  Nick Hornby is definitely a strong contender for Best Adapted Screenplay and Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal of Eilis Lacey made me cry more than once.

Definitely worth a watch, but maybe not worthy of the Oscar!

-Queen B


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