Why Jacob Tremblay was Snubbed for an Oscar: A Breakdown of Room


Best Picture

Actress in a Leading Role, Brie Larson

Directing, Lenny Abrahamson

Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Emma Donoghue


Movie Summary

The movie Room stars two fantastic actors,Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. They both portray the unimaginable: being held captive in a single room with no access to the outside world, but a small TV. Brie Larson’s character, “Ma,” was kidnapped by Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) at the age of 17. Her parents searched for her, but were never able to find her due to the disgustingly savvy ways of her kidnapper. 2 years after her kidnapping, she gave birth to her son, Jack, played by Tremblay. Even though she knew they were in a terrible situation together, she did not want the innocence of her son to be tainted and wanted to give him the best childhood she could under these circumstances. The entire first half of the movie takes places in Room and the audience is given a look into their lives in this confined space. As awful as their situation is, the two still manage to have fun together. They bake, play games, do crafts and other activities that any other child would do. Once Ma has finally reached her breaking point after she is abused again by Old Nick, she figures out an escape plan. They both pretend that Jack has died and Ma rolls him up in a rug so Old Nick will take out the dead body. While in the back of Old Nick’s pickup truck, Jack jumps out onto the sidewalk. Old Nick tries to catch him, but becomes too afraid once a bystander questions the situation. Jack is obviously startled, but is able to give the police just enough information to lead them back to Room so Ma can be saved too.

Now, as if the first half of the movie wasn’t riddled with emotions, the second half will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Ma has been in this Room for 7 years and her only access to the outside world was through the TV. Jack, on the other hand, has never experienced the outside world for himself. He is struggling understanding that he is in the “real world” and that the world is a massive place. We see them and the rest of their family adjust to having them back. The relationships are not easy as there is a lot of resentment between Ma and her own mother, and Ma’s father and Old Nick. Ma’s father is unable to even look at Jack, knowing that he is a product of his daughter’s kidnapping. The second half of the movie really shows the struggles the mother and son have of adjusting to life in the “real world.” After enduring one of the most depressing movies of the Oscar season, the end finally delivers a heartwarming moment. Jack has made some friends, after having no contact with any other children his entire life, and Ma looks out on him and his friends enjoying their childhood together. The audience finally gets the feeling that she is starting to heal and take control of her own life again.

Nomination Breakdown

Brie Larson 100% deserves to win the Oscar this year. The way she portrayed such a horrific event really showcased her talent as an actress. I can’t wait to see what other movies she will be cast in in the future. (Also, momentary shoutout to her role in Sleepover as Liz, the best friend to the mean girl.) While The Academy did an excellent job in nominating Larson for the golden statue, they unfortunately made a massive blunder in their oversight of nominating Jacob Tremblay. I’m not really sure why they didn’t nominate him, maybe because they thought he was just a child and it’s “easy” for children to act because they just act like themselves, but I strongly disagree with this oversight. Here are the reasons he should have been nominated:

  1. I would argue he was the main character. He was in every single scene, while there were scenes where Larson’s character was not involved.
  2. The raw emotion that he was able to deliver is definitely not something that he could have just pulled from his own childhood…unless of course he happened to be stuck in a room for the first five years of his life with no access to the outside world…which we know is not true.
  3. He held his character for the entire movie. His acting never swayed and he did an excellent job the entire time.
  4. He really let the audience into the feelings and emotions of the innocence of a child in his situation.
  5. He is the most adorable child on the planet, HOW COULD THEY SNUB HIM?
jacob and leohttp://www.hngn.com/articles/175571/20160202/jacob-tremblay-tells-ellen-degeneres-leonardo-dicaprio-lucky-charm.htm

Leave a comment letting me know if you agree or disagree! I’d love to hear.

Queen K


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