The Revenant: Leo’s Chance to Shine?


I’ve always been neutral about Leonardo DiCaprio, not really caring whether he got an Oscar or not (unlike Queen B who loves him). He did an exceptional job in The Revenant, though I’m not sure if that’s because of the role or because he is a good actor…

The Revenant , directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, tells the story of Hugh Glass, (Leonardo DiCaprio) a frontiersman left to die after being mauled by a bear. His journey back to civilization is wrought with danger after danger including wreaking revenge on the man who murdered his son and left him for dead.

During this entire movie, I sat with my shoulders tensed and my hands half covering my eyes. I kept expecting something horrible to happen because horrible things KEPT HAPPENING. But it was wonderful. Intense, awful, nerve-wracking, wonderful. It felt so real…you were right there with Hugh, shivering in the cold and eating a hunk of raw meat (which was disgusting and made me gag). And when he slept inside the hide of his dead horse, NAKED, I couldn’t believe how invested I was in his survival. So much so that I couldn’t judge him for doing something so repulsive.


I’m no professional film critic, but I can recognize great cinematography when I see it. The Revenant fits that criteria. The scene that really hit me hard was the one from John Fitzgerald’s (Tom Hardy) sniper’s point of view into a valley where Hugh’s superior’s corpse is held upright atop a horse. Fitzgerald shoots the body, thinking it’s Hugh’s, which gives Hugh a chance for a surprise attack. The placement of the camera makes the scene more profound.


The Queens highly recommend The Revenant, though it’s not for the faint of heart. I recommend watching this at your own home so you don’t have to show everyone how much the sight of bloody animal intestines disgusts you.

–Queen M




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