How much better does a comedy have to be?

Have you ever noticed that comedies aren’t ever nominated for an Oscar? Or if they are it’s a very rare occurrence (think Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids). I mean sure, a movie can have funny parts, even Room, a horribly depressing movie, had its lighter moments. This begs the question: How much better does a comedy or an actor/actress in a comedy have to be to get the Academy to notice it? Could it be that the Academy thinks that comedies do not produce the same caliber of acting as dramas do? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes) has a category for comedies (although their definition for comedies is a little loose-think The Martian), but why not the Oscars? My theory is that the Oscars don’t believe that a comedy can live up to what a drama does for an audience. Comedies make you feel laughter, while dramas tend to make the audience feel deep and raw emotions. Now, while that may be true, my question remains: does that mean the acting is any worse? Okay, yes, sure, in some cases this is definitely true, and I could probably name off a few of them (A Madea Christmas, Legally Blondes, Bride Wars–sorry Anne Hathaway). On the other hand there have been some extremely¬†talented performances in comedy. For this I bring you to Reese Witherspoon‘s girl power performance in Legally Blonde. Witherspoon, an Academy award winning actress, showcased her talent in this movie just as she did in Walk the Line as June Carter. I would argue that her performance in these movies were equal in skill. Obviously she was portraying completely different characters, but that shouldn’t matter, I mean it is acting after all. If anything, an actor or actress’ ability to play two totally different characters both so well just showcases their talent even more and reveals their versatile skills. Comedy actresses and actors should start getting the recognition they deserve, at least in this Queen’s opinion.

So, here is my final plea to The Academy, please start taking comedies seriously. Comedies are great and the actors, producers, directors, and all other people that have such important roles in making movies happen deserve to be recognized just as any other people in those roles.

Please comment and let me know if this has ever crossed your mind because I have thought about it a lot over the past few Oscar seasons. I would be curious to hear other opinions.

Queen K



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