The Big Short: Why was Margot Robbie in a Bathtub?


Best Picture

Actor in a Supporting Role, Christian Bale

Directing, Adam McKay

Film Editing, Hank Corwin

Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Charles Randolph and Adam McKay

The Big Short was…well…not my favorite, or any of the other Queens. As three people who recently studied business in college, the Financial Crisis of 2008 isn’t exactly news. In fact, we heard about it in almost every single business class we took, which was a lot…so we actually found it kind of boring. We did think that this movie was a good way for people who really don’t know much about the Crisis (sadly most of America) to learn about it through some familiar faces such as Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. However, having Margot Robbie (in a bathtub) and Selena Gomez (at a bar or club) explain financial terms to people…well I’m not sure how I feel about that. But, I guess if it helps people learn about something so important then maybe I can get on board.

The Queens felt that this was a more Hollywood (and thus, less informative) version of Inside Job. It did a good job of explaining most of the concepts, but many of them were only touched upon one time so we felt that it would be confusing for people to understand if this was the first time they were hearing of some terms, such as mortgage backed securities (not exactly lingo that gets thrown around at the bars). This was an overall entertaining movie, and it was interesting to see how a few individuals were able to short the market (at the expense of basically everyone else in America) but I don’t think it should win the Oscar. There are simply more deserving films.

Christian Bale did do an excellent job portraying Michael Burry, with his quirky mechanisms and overall odd characteristics. I could see him walking away with the Oscar. He is definitely a very talented performer and has been able to take on so many different characteristics throughout the years.

the big short 2

Was anyone else a little bored with this one? Let us know!

Queen K



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