Hell or High Water (Or Just Hell)


Best Picture, Hell or High Water

Actor in a Supporting Role, Jeff Bridges

Film Editing, Jake Roberts

Writing (Original Screenplay), Taylor Sheridan

Unfortunately, this is going to be one short post because, TBH, I did NOT like this movie AT ALL. Which is sad because I do love Chris Pine, but it really let me down. Pretty sure I was folding laundry during this movie because I got so bored.

Movies like this always seem pointless. Why was this movie made? What story is it really telling? In my opinion, nothing worth telling. Two brothers go around robbing various banks to try and save their family ranch. Then, Jeff Bridges comes around with his partner, says many racist things to him, and they try to catch the robbers. The partner (Gil Birmingham) gets shot, the brother (Ben Foster) also gets shot and basically the movie ends. Other things happen, but they are not worth discussing, or remembering. If this movie wins ANY awards I will be disappointed. There are SO many other films more worthy of that Oscar gold than this one.

I will end this post by saying: I still hope Chris Pine comes to the Oscars and looks dapper as always.

-Queen K



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