Lion, Sharu, Saroo


  • Best Picture: Lion
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Dev Patel
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Nicole Kidman
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: Luke Davies
  • Best Cinematography: Greig Fraser
  • Best Original Score: Dustin O’Halloran & Hauschka

I knew this movie was going to emotionally drain me, and sure enough, the tears were freely rolling down my face for 70% of the movie. Never mind the fact that I was sitting in a public theatre; I just hope my sniffles weren’t too distracting.

For the first half of the movie, in Slum Dog Millionaire-esque fashion, we meet a little boy, Saroo, living in rural, destitute India. He accidentally falls asleep on a train and ends up thousands of kilometers away in Calcutta. There we see this adorable 5 year old (Sunny Pawar) struggle to survive in a cruel city. How could you not want to save this cutie?


Eventually he gets adopted by a couple in Australia. They love him, but 25 years later he’s grown in to a curious young man (Dev Patel) who desperately wants to find the mother and brother he lost so long ago.

Admittedly, Lion hits very close to home for me as I have an adopted younger sister that, after getting lost in a marketplace in India, could never find nor be found by her mother.  Saroo managed to use Google Earth to find his family, and I hope one day my sister has the same luck.

What I definitely appreciated was the choice for Dev Patel as the older Saroo. Not only is Dev an amazing actor, but he’s incredibly good looking. How could you not cry for this man’s struggles?


The clips at the end of the movie with the real Saroo, his adoptive mother, and his birth mother meeting for the first time were incredibly heartwarming. I don’t think I will ever go through anything so horrifying, terrifying, and emotional as Saroo did. So happy that you could be reunited with your mother and sister, and condolences on the death of Guddu.

Also, HUGE shout out to Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman! Excellent performance from all.

The Queens still have 3 best pictures to watch, but so far this is number one on my list!

-Queen M


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