Here is a trailer of the movie:

The movie Moonlight chronicles the story of a man from childhood to adulthood and all the trials and tribulations he finds himself in. “Little,” as he is referred to, grows up in a rough and tough neighborhood of Miami. He is surrounded by drugs, violence, bullies, and a drug-addict single mother. However, even with all of this he is able to find a mentor, Juan, (if we can really call him that considering he is one of Miami’s biggest drug dealers) who is played by Mahershala Ali. Juan and his girlfriend Teresa (played by Janelle Monae) look after “Little” and let him stay over at their house throughout his childhood. It seems that they raise him more than his own mother, who deteriorates more and more throughout the movie due to her various drug addictions.

“Little” is bullied at school throughout his childhood for being “different.” He knows he is “different,” but has trouble placing exactly what that is. He soon finds out that what makes him “different” is that he actually likes boys and not girls (even though he thinks he should like girls). The movie continues and “Little” ends up getting pushed to the breaking point and beats up one of his bullies. He gets arrested and once he moves out he moves far away to Atlanta and ends up becoming a rough and tough drug dealer himself. This, for me, was the worst part of the movie. I felt that “Little” was a good kid and tried to stay out of trouble and then he was finally pushed so far to the breaking point by all of the various bullies in his life that he ended up going down the path that society and his circumstances “tell him” that he is meant to go down. Which is awful. I had hope at the beginning of the movie that he wouldn’t go down this dangerous path and end up as a criminal, but he does. He turns into this (which is an *albeit attractive* drug dealer):


Overall, I thought this was an OK movie. Nothing more, nothing less. For me, this movie had a very loose plot line. The audience sort of just follows the main character through his life in a sort of random fashion. It doesn’t feel like we, as an audience, are working towards any sort of end goal with this story. It just kinds of ends and I was left feeling very unsatisfied. I still had a lot of questions, but at the same time, I didn’t care to get them answered either because I didn’t develop any sort of relationship with the characters throughout the movie.

Mahershala Ali did an excellent job for the small role he had, but I’m not sure that such an insignificant role was worth an Oscar nod…I’m noticing that trend with a lot of the movies this year (ahem Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea). I thought the scene where Juan took “Little” to the ocean for the first time was especially touching.


I have to say, I would be upset if this movie took home the big trophy.


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