Manchester by the Sea


Best Picture: Manchester by the Sea

Actor in a Leading Role: Casey Affleck

Actor in a Supporting Role: Lucas Hedges

Actress in a Supporting Role: Michelle Williams

Achievement in Directing: Kenneth Longergan

Writing (Original Screenplay): Kenneth Longergan


This film is a gut-wrenching, honest story of a broken man living in Boston.  Lee Chandler (played by Casey Affleck) is called to raise his nephew (Lucas Hedges) after the passing of his older brother, and struggles with the decision to return to his hometown.

Throughout the film, the audience learns more about Lee’s life and what causes him to move from Manchester by the Sea to Boston.  Told through flashbacks and in snippets of rumours overheard throughout the film, Lee’s story of the accidental death of his three children seems almost too painful to be credible.  In fact, a lesser director may have given us an overwrought film, filled with false emotion and forced tears.  Director Kenneth Longergan, however, avoids any cliches by telling the story without embellishment.  Casey Affleck helps prevent any dryness through his subtle performance.  In a role that would be so easy to overact, Affleck perfectly plays a severely depressed man who has given up, with all the monotony that would include.

Queen B LOVED this film and thinks it deserves almost every Oscar for which it has been nominated (with the exception of Michelle Williams; she was great, but only appeared in three scenes??)

The directing, acting, and writing were all 10/10. Well done.


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