Queen M’s Oscar Predictions

If it were up to me, the following movies/people would win tonight at the Oscars. Unfortunately, the Academy doesn’t even have an inkling about who I am much less listen to me. So I had to temper my picks based on what I think the Academy will actually pick.

Queen M’s Picks

  • Best Picture: Room
    • Room made me feel all the feels and I empathized with the characters throughout the whole movie. Jacob Tremblay made the film with his excellent acting. In fact, I think Jacob should have been nominated for best actor, but that’s beside the point. Room should win.
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Leo in The Revenant…or Matt Damon in The Martian
    • I want Matt Damon to win because I thought he was fantastic, but in reality I think Leo will win. He was great but I’m worried that he’s going to get it simply because it’ll be a huge snub if he doesn’t.
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson in Room
    • I want her to win AND I think the Academy will pick her. ‘Nuff said.
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale in The Big Short
    • I don’t have any particular allegiance to any actor in this section, but I thought Christian played his role very well. I didn’t like his character, but he played it well!
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl
    • The movie wasn’t good, but Alicia was excellent. I almost cried during the scene where she’s asking to talk to her husband. Fantastic.
  • Animated Feature Film: Inside Out
    • This movie made me laugh, cry, and say “awww!” Seriously, this was so good I wish it was nominated for best picture. Plus it has Mindy Kaling, my favorite comedian/role model, as the voice of Disgust.
  • Cinematography: The Revenant
    • I’m no expert on cinematography, but damn it was good enough in this movie for me to notice it.
  • Directing: Spotlight

The other categories I don’t know enough about to make an informed opinion so I won’t even try. Now that you know what I want to win, I’d love to hear what you think!



Queen B’s Oscar Predictions

Best PictureSpotlight

Between the story line, superb acting, and the the fact that it’s a true story, Spotlight is prime Oscar material.  The only real competition for Spotlight, in my opinion, is The Revenant, which may give the former a run for its money.  While the Revenant had great cinematography, directing, acting, costumes, etc…, Spotlight will win the Oscar for being greater than the sum of its parts.

See the Queens’ Review of Spotlight Here

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Leonardo DiCaprio

This prediction has nothing to do with the fact that Leo is the love of my life.  Honestly.  Leonardo DiCaprio just killed his role in The Revenant.  And compared to Eddie Redmayne, Bryan Cranston, and Michael Fassbender, this role is almost his for the taking.  The close runner-up, however, will definitely be Matt Damon in The Martian.  We’ll have to see whether the Academy wants a more intense or a more relatable performance.

Read the Queens’ Review of The Revenant

Best Actress in a Leading RoleBrie Larson

Admittedly, this is more of a strong, strong wish than a prediction.  Brie Larson’s portrayal of Joy Newsome in Room was one of the most breathtaking, powerful, and forget-its-a-movie performances I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even feel there is a suitable runner-up for this category.  I still think about her performance and get chills.

Read the Queens’ Review of Room

Best Director– Alejandro Inarritu

Alejandro G. Inarritu won last year for Birdman, and looks to be a favorite of the Academy this year for his directing in The Revenant.  To throw in my two cents, I think Lenny Abrahamson deserves the Oscar for Room.  He managed to create a world entirely through a child’s eyes, while still allowing the audience to understand the horror of the situation.

Best Actor in a Supporting RoleMark Rylance

This category is a bit of a crowded field.  Every character excelled at their parts, but nobody made a strong enough impression to declare a unanimous winner.  Mark Rylance’s character in Bridge of Spies is a Russian prisoner of war, trying to leave America and go home.  I’ve only ever seen Mark Rylance in House of Cards, and this character was such a foil, I forgot it was the same actor.  But, the Oscar is still anybody’s game at this point.

Read the Queens’ Review of Bridge of Spies

Best Actress in a Supporting Role– Alicia Vikander

A favorite of almost all film critics’, Alicia Vikander’s role in The Danish Girl was an unusual part, and she played the emotional parts very well.  I personally don’t have any allegiance to any of these actresses performances, but I think the Academy will choose Vikander over the others.

Read the Queens’ Review of The Danish Girl

Best Original Screenplay– Josh SingerTom McCarthy

These two authors of Spotlight have received numerous awards throughout the season and managed to capture the urgency and truth of the Boston Globe investigation.

Best Adapted Screenplay– Drew Goddard

This adaptation of The Martian was really well done and has received universal acclaim.  This is Goddard’s first Academy nomination, and I think he has it in the bag.

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Oscars Brunch

So we were just going to do Oscars dinner, but then we realized this is more of an all day affair for the Queens, so we had to add in brunch as well. The brunch isn’t as fabulously made from scratch as our dinner menu, but it was definitely delicious and something everyone should try. It was definitely worth using some pre-made foods to lessen the workload (especially since we worked so hard to make dinner!). Also, we didn’t want to have to spend too much time away from our TV, of course. Here’s what we did:

Pancakes (made from a Jiffy’s box mix)

Strawberries, blueberries and bananas (simply washed and presented in a bowl)

Cinnamon Rolls (Picked up from the fabulous Ann Sather)

Turkey Sausage (Applegate from Whole Foods)

Hash Brown Patties (Trader Joe’s)

Mimosas (Champagne and OJ, measured perfectly by Queen M)

Here are some pics from the great event!


The buffet laid out for our friends to pick and choose what they want. Complete with extra icing for the delicious cinnamon rolls. 



Doesn’t our table look so colorful? What a great way to spend Oscars morning with our best friends. 


Just one of the amazing plates. So tasty. I’m still dreaming about it. 


Queen K’s Oscar Predictions

Alright, now I don’t claim to be any superstar movie critic or anything, but I watched *most* of the Oscar nominated films this year so I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the movies. Here’s a rundown of who I think will/want to win the Oscars this year. Maybe this will help you win at your Oscars pool this year. Also, find a list of the nominees here.

Best Picture: Spotlight

Now while I want it to be Room because never have I ever thought continuously about a movie for over a month, I don’t think Room will win. I feel that movies like Room almost never win best picture, they usually win the top acting awards though. So, for my prediction, which I also want to win because I thought it was an excellent movie is Spotlight. Plus, I think they could give a really cool acceptance speech, which I always love to hear.

Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio

Hands-down if Leo doesn’t win it will be the biggest middle finger from the Academy in all the land in Oscars history (and they have given some pretty big ones in the past…cough, cough Ben Affleck for Argo). Leo deserves this win and he has won every major award this awards season so I really hope he wins the big one. Although, this does mean Internet memers will have to come up with some new Leo memes.

Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson

Again, no question, it should be Brie Larson. How could it be anyone else? Her portrayal of the truly unimaginable in Room was such a fabulous and gut wrenching performance that she deserves this honor. Also, I’m sorry, but if they give this award to Jennifer Lawrence I will personally be upset because she was just not very good in Joy (#SorryI’mNotSorry).

Actor in a Supporting Role: Mark Ruffalo

I really loved his character in Spotlight, plus I really just love him so I definitely think he should take it home. I think it’s kind of an outside shot, but why  not root for the underdog?

Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander

While I would love for Rachel McAdams to take home this award I think that is too outside of a chance to even happen (sadly). But I really do love her and I thought she did a fabulous, Oscar worthy performance either way. Although Vikander’s role in The Danish Girl was weird and I didn’t particularly care for that movie, I did think she did a great job and I can easily see her walking away with the golden statue.

Animated Feature Film: Inside Out

Okay, one this was a fantastic film, and two it’s Pixar, so I mean does anyone else really even have a chance? No. And, honestly, in my opinion, they shouldn’t. The minds behind this movie are genius because this movie made me think and question things that I had never even considered. I mean they gave our feelings, feelings. WHAT. MIND BLOWN. I’ll never forget during the movie when Joy had her big realization that ‘oh wait, it’s okay to feel sadness because that will bring us happiness eventually.’ I mean WHAT. At that moment I just thought to myself ‘dang it Disney, you’ve done it again.’ What a great movie for all age groups to see.

Cinematography: Mad Max: Fury Road

Now while I thought this was the weirdest movie maybe ever, I will say the cinematography was done beautifully so I think these people should win.

Costume Design: The Danish Girl

Now, while I do think it would be super cool if Cinderella won, and I would say they would be deserving of it, I still think it’s going to The Danish Girl. Those costumes were done so beautifully and although I didn’t like the movie, I did LOVE the costumes, as I wrote about in my post. I felt the costumes kept very well with the time period and I thought they were crafted to perfection. Read this cool article about the costume designs here.

DirectingAlejandro G. Iñárritu

Now, while I admit I don’t know much (anything) about directing, I do think it’s going to the director of The Revenant. If anything, I would think the sub-zero conditions in the wilderness that this guy shot in would be enough to get him the “W.”

Documentary (Feature): ?

Documentary (Short Subject): ?

Unfortunately, I was a little pressed for time this year and did not have time to see these movies. Hopefully I’ll have more time next year! (Although honestly documentaries are not my absolute favorites so watching all of these would probably be a struggle even if I had all the time in the world).

Film Editing: The Revenant

I am not even sure how to judge this one. I guess I need to brush up on my film editing knowledge. I’m going with The Revenant because I imagine that editing this film was no easy task. Although, I can really see any of these films walking away with this one.

Foreign Language Film: ?

Again, didn’t get around to any of these.

Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road

The makeup in this movie was done really well and I imagine that there was a lot of it to do. I could also see The Revenant walking away with this one, too.

Music (Original Score)Ennio Morricone, The Hateful Eight

I have seen this name thrown around a lot as the winner in the (many) prediction articles I’ve read so I’m going with it.

Music (Original Song): “Til it Happens to You” from The Hunting GroundDiane Warren and Lady Gaga

I just see this one winning, don’t you?

Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road

Short Film (Animated): ?

Short Film (Live Action): ?

Sound Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road

Sound Mixing: Mad Max: Fury Road

Visual Effects: Mad Max: Fury Road

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Brooklyn

Probably an outside shot, but I would love to see this one win.

Writing (Original Screenplay): Spotlight

I can’t wait to see how these predictions actually play out tonight. Hopefully there will be some surprises because I mean is it really any fun without?

Queen K

Mad Max: Fury Road


Best Motion Picture of the Year

Best Achievement in Directing

Best Achievement in Cinematography

Best Achievement in Film Editing

Best Achievement in Costume Design

Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling

Best Achievement in Sound Mixing

Best Achievement in Sound Editing

Best Achievement in Visual Effects

Best Achievement in Production Design

*Warning: Spoilers*

Well, what can I even begin to say about Mad Max? – Tbh, not much.

This film was universally acknowledged to be a bit of an Academy outlier by the Queens.  The nomination of an action film is unusual, and we approached this viewing with high expectations.

Mad Max starts with a promising exposition: the world is set in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, water is an elitist luxury, and people are barely maintaining their humanity.  Except Max, of course, played by Tom Hardy.  We learn barely anything about Max from a voice over at the beginning, detailing his past as a cop and a road warrior  (all aspects explained by the first film) and the fact that he is now in captivity as a blood donor for this dsytopia’s tyrannical ruler.

After a bit of hustle and bustle, which I still don’t fully understand, Max finds himself aiding Furiosa (Charlize Theron) in a high speed chase from the warlord in what seems to be the two hour climax of the entire film.  Furiosa, desperately searching for her childhood home, travels with five of the former brides of the aforementioned warlord.  As a side note, this plot line has been met with both acclaim and disgust for its feminist implications.

As Max and Furiosa sort of find a bond and sort of come to accept their realities, the audience ultimately feels unsatisfied by the roll of credits.  Max is still mad, from what I can tell, water is still one step from nonexistent and though Furiosa and her gang of bad ass brides now lead the post-apocalyptic nightmare, the conclusion seems far from ideal.  I’m all for a sad ending, but after sitting through 120 minutes of dessert scenery and bad music, I would have liked to have felt that the plot moved somewhat.

To give credit where its due, I have to say, the plethora of nominations received by this film were more than well-deserved.  The makeup was amazing, turning each character into their own reflection of horror, the visual effects seemed unreal in the most believable way, and the cinematography blows some of the other films out of the water.  Many loved Mad Max, and this is just one Queens opinion, but this film deserves the Oscar for Best Picture about as much as the first one did.

-Queen B



That is my 100% honest and complete reaction to this film.  This director, the cast, the writers, every component of this film satisfied the extremely tall order of delivering the true story of the sex abuse scandal in the Boston Archdiocese.

Reminiscent of All the President’s Men, Spotlight follows the year-long investigation into the Catholic Church and the protection of almost a hundred priests.  The film offers an objective view of the investigators, the victims, and even of those who tried for so long to protect the Church.  The report by the Boston Globe opened up further investigations across the world and started a tidal wave of suspicion within and against established religion.

Heavy stuff, right?  But, Spotlight doesn’t play out like a documentary.  On the contrary, I found myself gripping the edge of my seat, desperate for the next twist of the story.  The flawless acting of Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, and Mark Ruffalo often made me forget that I was actually sitting in my small apartment watching on a forty-inch screen, not in the room exposing scandals with the rest of the team.

This was a universally loved film by the Queens and the nomination was well-deserved.  Queen B would not be the least bit shocked or disappointed if Spotlight takes home the Oscar for Best Picture.


Best Motion Picture of the Year

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Achievement in Directing

Best Writing, Original Screenplay

Best Achievement in Film Editing




Red Carpet Breakdown: The Golden Globes

You can’t have an awards show without fashion, and you really can’t have an awards show without critiquing the fashion. Some people show up dressed to the 9’s, while other people look so awful I wonder how they made it through the door? (I mean, I think we all know who I’m talking about here, cough cough Jennifer Lawrence and the curtain dress). How did this dress come from the minds of Dior?

J-Law Curtain Dress.jpg

Luckily J-Law does not have many of these blunders so I can forgive her and I choose to remember some of her better fashion moments, such as her outfit at this year’s Golden Globe Awards:

J-Law Golden Globes 2016

I really loved this Dior gown because I thought it defined her shape really well. She looked slender and tall, the color looked really nice against her skin, and the cutouts were definitely done right on this gown. I also appreciate that this outfit wasn’t over styled. She had a major statement piece necklace (which I thought was amazing) and her makeup was simple (she definitely doesn’t need a lot of makeup). The look came together really nicely and she shined on the red carpet, which is why I’m able to forgive her from her oversight the year before.

So let’s continue breaking down the BEST dressed of the Golden Globes 2016:

Brie Larson (Calvin Klein Collection)

Larson looks absolutely fabulous in this shimmery gown. It fits her very well and the cutouts are also not too much (or awkwardly placed). I like the minimalist styling with just a touch of jewelry and her hair very simply pulled back.

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kate Bosworth (Dolce & Gabbana)

I have two favorite looks from the Golden Globes and this is without a doubt one of them. The color, the jewels, the hair, need I go on? This dress is exquisite and it looks like it was made just for Bosworth. This gown hugs her in all the right places and is just the perfectly classy look for an award show like the Golden Globes. She may not have won a golden status, but she definitely takes home top prize in the fashion category.

Kate Bosworth GG.jpg

Lady Gaga (Atelier Versace)

Lady Gaga has got that old Hollywood glamour down pat with this look. From the dress to the hair she could not have looked more stunning than she did in this gown. She even knows how to pose old Hollywood. Love it.

Lady Gaga GG2 Lady Gaga GG


Saoirse Ronan  (Saint Laurent)

Now normally I would call a look like this nothing more than exactly what I saw 50 other girls wearing at my high school prom. However, the cape in the back makes such a statement that I absolutely love it. The whole look ties together and gives Ronan an almost angelic look. I also love that the stylist gave her no necklace and really let the deep V neckline be the star.


Amy Adams (Atelier Versace)

I normally wouldn’t like the red on red but I think it works here (or maybe I’m blinded by my love for her? Either way, I like it.) This dress compliments Adams body extremely well and fits her like a glove. I love the high neckline and the slender fit. It doesn’t hurt that she clearly knows how to pose with this gown.

Amy Adams GG

Jenna Dewan Tatum (Zuhair Murad)

I said I had two favorite dresses and this is definitely my second favorite. Not only is Jenna Dewan Tatum absolutely drop dead gorgeous, but she is for sure a fashionista. She knows how to wear clothes that make her look good. I love the color of this gown and all of the detail that went into the shimmery aspects. I also think how the designer left the shoulder straps thick was a really great idea and it definitely completes the look. Keeping her hair pulled back and up was a great decision because I definitely wouldn’t want anything distracting me from this dress.

Jenna Dewan GG

Sophia Bush (Narciso Rodriguez)

You can never go wrong with a simple black dress and subdued jewelry and Sophia Bush reminded us all of that with this look. Also, it should be noted that Sophia Bush is one of Queen M’s queens.

Sophia Bush GG

Talking fashion wouldn’t be fun unless we also included the train wrecks (okay not all of these are train wrecks per say, but they aren’t great). Let’s take a moment and talk about the WORST dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes:

Cate Blanchett (Givenchy):

Cate Blanchett GG

Oh Cate. Cate, Cate, Cate. I really want to love everything you wear because I usually find your fashion so effortless and your looks usually come together so well. While I liked the color of this Givenchy gown, I found that every time I saw this dress I couldn’t help think of really outdated furniture that I might find in my grandmother’s house (sorry Grandma). The fringe (but really let’s just call them tassels because I mean come on, did you see them?) just dated this look and it wasn’t your best work. I hope that you really up your game at the Oscars because I would love to see your great fashion come back! Please know that I still love you.

Melissa McCarthy (Melissa McCarthy Seven7)

I really want to like this look but I just can’t. I feel like McCarthy is hiding her fabulous shape by draping loads of fabric over herself, making it look as if she threw a curtain on instead. I love the color of this dress, but seriously what is this material? I really hope she can shine a little more at the Oscars (I’ll definitely be looking out to see what she wears). I will say I loved her shoes so hopefully she can get the dress to match the chicness of the shoes!

Melissa McCarthy GG

Alicia Vikander (Louis Vuitton)

While I think Vikander looks stunning (excellent make up and hair) I really just can’t get on board with this dress. The ruffles and weird stripe pattern on this dress make it look way too casual. It almost looks like an apron and the red carpet is no place for that. I also think the dress would have been much better without the cutouts on the side.

Alicia Vikander GG

Rooney Mara (Alexander McQueen)

I’m sorry but this dress straight up looks like it has been through a shredder. The gown looks extremely messy and thrown together and does not give her the definition she needs. Also, the pale color of this gown nearly blends in with her skin and looks awful. Tip: Never choose a gown the same color as your skin because then you obviously look naked (not good).

(looked like it had been thoruhg a shredder and the color did not go with her already pale skin)

Rooney Mara GG

Natalie Dormer (J Mendel)

There is nothing particularly wrong with this dress, but that’s the problem. There is absolutely nothing special about this dress. It looks like something you wear to the prom, not to a classy awards show. Also, I am not particularly keen with the cutout in the middle of the dress and the off the shoulder thing happening.

Natalie Dormer GG


Lily James (Marchesa)

This is just another boring gown with nothing special about it. It tries to special with the cape and the cutout and maybe it could be, but I am too distracted by her terribly styled hair and makeup. I wish they had done something else with her hair (anything really). Maybe they could have braided it up or pulled it back somehow. Really, anything but these messy waves and middle part would have been better.

Lily James GG

Help! I can’t decide whether to love or hate these looks! You be the judge:

Amy Schumer (Ben Hanisch)

Amy Schumer GG

Viola Davis (Marchesa)

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Now I’m sure many of you will disagree with my fashion opinions, so please feel free to share. Can’t wait for the Oscars fashions. Hopefully the stars will pull out all the stops.

Queen K